Dialogue with the CEO on the insurance of goods in Russia

Dear customers! We offer you an excerpt from a conversation one of the company's ipovs-logistics.ru one of the clients:

Client: Why do I need to insure the cargo?


IPOVS: Because neither you nor I nor our managers and even the insurance company does not possess a unique gift to prevent all risks in the way of the cargo to its destination.

Customer: Why a cargo insurance to pay me?

IPOVS: Because the movable goods - it is your material value that belongs to you!

Client: The Law № 87-FZ "On the freight forwarding business" and the agreement signed between our companies, ipovs-logistics.ru is responsible for damage or loss of cargo! You insure your liability?

IPOVS: Yes, our liability is insured! Yes, we accept responsibility for damage and loss of cargo.

Client: If you are responsible for the safety of the goods, why should I spend money on cargo insurance?

IPOVS: You see, today, in a highly competitive, many freight forwarding companies and trucking companies are ready to take any responsibility for any risks, just for the fact that to "get" the client! This often responsible for these risks are in no way justified, not confirmed by any document. Finally, after even a small loss (and each company has a "ceiling" a) the company bankrupt, or "closed" and the loss of cargo and its cost is fully borne by the owner of the cargo.

According to the Law № 87 - FZ "On the freight forwarding business," namely, Chapter 3, Article 7 of the "freight forwarder is liable to the client ... if he proves that the loss, shortage or damage (or deterioration) of the goods occurred due to circumstances which the freight forwarder could not and to prevent the removal of which did not depend on. " And to prove the circumstances which we could not help to prevent our insurance company with its arsenal of legal professionals! Trust our experience: they can do it, because they are doing professionally!

Customer: Why should the insurance company will prove your circumstances?

IPOVS: What would not pay us money - the insurance premiums on an insurance case! I do not know of any insurance company, which is easily parted with their money!

Client: Go to court!

IPOVS: Go! The fact that insurance poles, such as "freight forwarder's liability" or "carrier liability", which sell insurance, as the product of a "young" in the insurance market and together with the imperfect legislation in the sector of transport and forwarding, it creates an extensive legal field for "loopholes", namely, withdrawal from responsibility under the contract! Therefore, insurance companies, lawyers to easily win such things!

Customer: What do you think is the most effective economic tool to protect the goods?

IPOVS: Cargo Insurance!

Customer: Why?

IPOVS: Because of the three insurance products that offer the insurance companies' liability forwarder "," carrier liability "," cargo insurance ", the largest number of payments on insurance claims made by this" cargo insurance "! About 95% of cases.

Customer: Why is this happening?

IPOVS: Because the insured subject - the material value and not the circumstances. The contract is extremely friendly to us and for you and your court!

Customer: Why should I insure the shipment in IPOVS LOGISTICS?

IPOVS: Because of this there are two reasons! First: in your instructions, we can take legal control of all matters relating to insurance for yourself, the more so because it allows us to make a contract with our insurance company! Second: in the promotion advertising campaign to attract new customers, IPOVS LOGISTICS offers a product to their customers as "insurance of goods worth up to 500 000 be made at our expense!" Working with us - you save your money, because we give the price of insurance is much less than the offer itself an insurance company!

Customer: And if the value of the shipment exceeds five hundred thousand, for example, it cost three million?

IPOVS: You will still be interesting. The cost of the goods to five hundred thousand is still charged at our expense, and above this value of the goods you have a special offer!

Customer: The price for cargo insurance included in the cost of delivery or additional services?

IPOVS: None. The cost of insurance is paid to individual accounts.

Customer: Thank you.

IPOVS: Thank you, for being attentive to issues of safety and security of their cargo. Always a pleasure to deal with a professional customer!