About Us

You went into the section of the site, where we'll tell you a little about yourself - our domestic and foreign policies, basic services, current work and future plans. If you are interested in not only road in Russia and abroad, but also those who offer them the information here will help you navigate in choosing a business partner. If time is short, and you need a road "yesterday" - in detail and quickly find a list of our services, see the respective sections of this site.

 So, let's get acquainted!

    Forwarding Company "ipovs-logistics.ru" is a member of a group of companies IPOVS. Priority direction of our activity - road transportation in Russia, Europe, Asia and the Far East. The main objective of the company - to minimize the cost of trucking goods of our customers. Based on this goal, you can easily conclude that all our activities are focused on the development of optimal schemes - schedules, routes, and control, in which the carriage of goods by road is the most cost-effective solution to your logistical problems.

Our services - today and now

    We do not position itself as the leader market for road freight. This activity is successfully engaged in enough companies and organizations. Many of them were not competitors, business partners and LLC "ipovs-logistics.ru." Such a foreign policy of our company allows you to carry out international road in the shortest time and with all the nuances that are normally present in the road of Europe's most various product groups.

   Domestic Policy Company "ipovs-logistics.ru" is different only in scale from the external interventions. In combination with the same external, it allows us to guarantee the quality and efficiency of the whole complex of services of the company:

  •      To carry out international transport: Europe - Asia - Far East as soon as possible;
  •      To insure international transport of goods on the most favorable terms for our clients;
  •      Ensure that any transportation of cargo by road cost the customers more cheaply than anywhere else without losing its quality component;
  •      To minimize the risks into account and prevent all possible force majeure situations that may arise during road transport to Russia of any goods by any means of transport;
  •      At each stage of road track in real-time schedule, location and condition of the transported goods;
  •      To make road transport in Russia, using its own fleet of vehicles and, if necessary, specially drawn vehicles;
  •      To carry out freight cars for a certain tonnage, maneuverability and cross-country - depending on the nature of the goods and address the item on its final destination in each case;
  •      Maintain a high technical level of its own fleet, due to which the carriage of goods by road as our company is safe;
  •      To provide each client all information relating to transport of goods entrusted to us on the basis of bilateral agreements;
  •      Make out the necessary documents and deal with all customs, which entails the international transport;

 Be fully responsible for all its commitments under the agreement made with you to implement the road from Europe or other countries a certain category of your product. All of the above has been tested and confirmed by long-term cooperation with our regular customers and business partners who fully appreciated the advantages that give the international transport of Europe - Russia - Far East in cooperation with our company.

Where we are going tomorrow

    We believe that in the last 7 years of existence, have a great deal. But to stop there - not the best way of doing business. Our next plan is to expand the map, which presents the international transport of goods LLC "IPOVS Logistic" to the maximum extent possible, to only be able to get a vehicle not fitted with a keel or wings. However, in this case, we are always ready to carry out carriage by sea and air. Join us, and truck freight will be your problem to be solved easily with a complete lack of unknown variables!