One of the activities IPOVS LOGISTICS - is international air travel.
We can provide you with high quality services for the delivery of virtually all goods (including consignment complex teams, hazardous cargo, oversized and heavy cargo) flights on any airline. We provide international air services on a "door to door." We offer our customers ready logistics solution designed individually for them. Our experts can help you find the fastest route of the cargo because of its size. We present you with the detailed calculations of the optimal cost of freight, including freight forwarding, as well as the use of different modes of transport.
IPOVS LOGISTICS company is ready to assist in the process of customs clearance of your cargo at Sheremetyevo-Cargo. We are interested in long-term partnership.

Air transportation in Russia

     Currently, air travel is very popular. This is not surprising. We'll see what the benefits are to air alternative ways of moving goods, and concluded, why air - the best form of transport.
     To begin with, that the planes, of course, fly much faster than the drive trucks or trains. That's the first advantage - with the help of air cargo can be delivered to the desired point in minimal time, numbering in hours rather than days or weeks. If we are talking about something urgent - the air clear exactly what is required.
    Second, far from every point on the globe can be reached by train or by car. And it's not just about the archipelago. Practice shows that many of Russia's roads in spring and autumn periods limp to the extent that travel on them is impossible. A lay rails everywhere, too, will not work. It turns out that it saves the air in the most difficult cases.
    Third, the aircraft did not stand in traffic jams. But as for automobiles, road transport, there is this factor may well disrupt the timing is not something that a few hours, but it happens or days. Trains also can not follow without having to not get to docking stations, where cars will be interchanged, making them into new compositions, which also takes a lot of time. And the aircraft is flying straight, fast and does not feel any effect inhibiting factors.
Finally, the aircraft can take far more cargo than a car or truck. So if there is a need to send a large batch at a great distance, and even urgent - the question is no. But in the case where small quantities of cargo, air freight can also be good to help out and be a good way to have time with delivery of the goods on time.
    Among other things, each airline is a solid organization, which always insures the risks and cargo, so that, in any case, the load will get safe and unharmed, otherwise you will get a compensation, which is not always possible to achieve by conventional truck drivers , which can break down somewhere halfway and not fulfill its mission. So it turned to air travel, not only do you risk nothing, but also greatly increase the chances of success of the event.