Trucking in Russia. International trucking

   One of the activities IPOVS LOGISTICS - this road. We provide high quality services for the delivery of any goods, including complex prefabricated party goods, dangerous goods, oversized and heavy cargo. The main advantages of road transport - a mobility, time of delivery. We carry out road on a "door to door." Trucking with IPOVS - it pays!

   Despite the last fiscal crisis, which many shipping companies could not survive, road transportation in Russia are becoming more energy that can be seen on the statistical data collected over the years. Last year alone, the turnover of road transport grew by 10.6% and amounted to about 199.2 billion ton-kilometers. In 2010 at the trucking accounts for about 5.2 billion tons of cargo. The figures show a full recovery after the crisis, and not even the weak growth. Cargo transportation in Russia in 2010 numbered fleet of 5.5 million vehicles. In the same year the market has caused a stir redistribution of a large number of transport in the hands of private carriers and the emergence of new market entrants without a legal entity, which are more favorable conditions for themselves dragged carriers. Domestic road transport in the gross product of Russia won 23% of the cost, the figure is 3 times more than in European countries and the USA. Of this figure can be seen on the lower level of development of transport and warehousing infrastructure in Russia. At the same time, the cost of transportation, we do not match the quality of services. At the same turnover after a sharp downturn in 2009 has grown steadily and the growth rate this year was significantly higher than the U.S.. In 2010 road transport in Russia have weakened due to increased debt to foreign investors. Also, foreign logistics service providers began to rapidly take up the Russian market, absorbing with weak Russian transport companies. Unlike the U.S., Europe and China, where the stakes are very low for transportation, trucking in Russia have a stake equal to 17.9 rubles per kilometer, which is several times larger than some other countries. Today on trucking accounts for 68% of the domestic transport market. The absolute values ​​of turnover of transport and logistics companies in 2010 increased by 40%. 2010 showed growth of 5.8%, after which the road to Russia have found hope for the best. Changes since the crisis can be seen by comparing the performance of which is costly part of transportation companies. Domestic trucking since 2008 have increased wages by 13%. Difficult aspect was the increase in fuel prices. 2009 remembered by the tariff reduction of road transport and a decrease in the share of leasing in several times, and who played a major role in the inhibition of the transport market, which is why turnover is strongly decreased. During the crisis, cost optimization and replacement of old equipment for motor carriers failed. But even a significant increase in rates this year failed to prevent the growth of the transport market. Russian road went through hard times and took the path of recovery through the establishment of transport links and an enabling environment for transport, export and import growth and an increase in retail sales. With the constant growth of the turnover of Russia, certainly, will only grow, and road transport sector will be an excellent investment.

The advantages of road haulage

  Freight transport - this is a very important area of ​​services for every state of our planet, as often, what a deal could do without the services trucking. I would like to note that based on the type of transport used for cargo, freight can be divided into four main types: rail, road freight, sea freight and air. Of course, nowadays most popular means of transportation are road freight transport, which will be discussed later in this article. Road transport of goods have a number, nepodvergayuschihsya questioned the benefits. Therefore, this type of freight are like ordinary people and large companies, for which faster and better delivery of goods is directly linked to success in their business. So, let's tell you about the very advantages that make the road freight transport is very popular type of services. The biggest advantage of cargo transportation by road is something that only they can be used to deliver the goods or other goods from the place of loading, straight to the point of discharge, without doing any cargo handling at the same time, unloading on the route. That is, using the trucking, no need to use more and other modes of transport to deliver the goods wherever necessary. In connection with this advantage saves a significant portion of, and, moreover, also increases the security of property intended for carriage, as it is not exposed to a large number of unloading and loading operations.
    You can plan and choose a route that will be most advantageous for both the client and the company. If you request, such as rail freight, then change the route will be almost impossible, freight transport by this possibility. Thus, if on the way there is any problem, we can easily bypass the problem area, using other routes. Therefore, this mobility trucking - is a big plus, which should be addressed.
    Motor transportation of cargo - a convenient implementation of the transport of small volume of cargo, as the car will be ready to leave at any moment. For example, if you want to book shipments by sea or rail, then you'll have to wait until you typed the correct amount of goods before they leave the train or a ship. That is, the road can not depend on other clients wishing to carry goods.
    It is cars that are properly equipped and able to carry almost any type of dangerous goods, or those who need to create special conditions for transportation, for example, a certain temperature.
    It is very easy to track the whole process of transportation of cargo, thus providing a more reliable cargo transportation. Transporting goods using vehicles not hard to solve any problems that may arise at customs or somewhere else along the way to the agreed place.
    As you can see for yourself, road transport of goods - convenience, reliability and efficiency. To order a trucking you need to contact the company where you will be able to provide all the guarantees that your property does not happen, and the cargo is delivered in agreed time will be.