Delivery of goods from China: trucking or shipping by sea?

First question: why do you need international shipping from China? Today it is China - the world's leading indicators of the dynamics of economic development, therefore international transport of goods from this country - a service need for which is experiencing more and more companies around the world. In recent years, some states of the EU domoklovym sword threatened by inflation over the other - deflation, when stock analysts are increasingly in doubt in the fact that, apparently, no doubt (that is, the dollar can remain the "main" world currency .) China is, whose economy is oriented primarily to export it, demonstrates amazing rates of growth. The volume of cargo transportation from China increased significantly each year. For example, in 2010, the most significant increase in the supply of goods from China to Russia was marked by a quite different areas: equipment, machinery, building materials, food. In fact, China - one of the countries most attractive to global investors. He - and one of the countries most attractive to consumers. This "attraction in the square" can be expressed in a simple formula: an attractive quality + reasonable price. Second question: how to choose the vehicle? Shipping from China - one of the most popular services on today's transportation market. But how feasible it is international road transport of goods? The first of its advantages - it's excellent all-terrain transport and the ability to deliver goods anywhere in the country. The cost of trucking is high enough. And with respect to price them fairly successfully compete with sea transport. In addition, shipments by sea are another definite "plus" - a ship capable of carrying loads weighing more than 100 000 tons - the amount that can not afford cars. Are there "cons" of the goods transported by sea? First - it becomes impossible delivery "from door to door" delivery requirement in the automobile remains. The second - a rigid dependence on weather conditions and its effect - reducing the speed of delivery. Another option of delivery - airlines. For efficiency, they are far superior and marine, and trucking. Significant negative air - a small amount of cargo and the high cost of delivery. Thus, each of the options of delivery has its own nuances, and the final choice of method is just for the client. No longer a secret: automotive transportation - is not just an independent service, it sometimes - the only form of transport. Third question: Is it advisable to transport from China? What are the expectations of the customers usually come in Theoretically, this question can be answered in three words: efficiency, reliability and feasibility. How exactly can you provide it in practice? International carriage of goods by road will be effective only if at one point converges many factors that can provide only an experienced service provider. Qualification and responsibility of professionals, their expertise in the features of the customs legislation - a guarantee that the response of our company will meet your expectations. One of the laws of human nature: we need one today, tomorrow - is quite another. Because each load can lose its usefulness. How can this be avoided? The first point - the development of an optimal route for each individual order, produced by experts This - not just bail efficiency and expediency of the transport, but also reduce costs for delivery, which ensures optimal route selection. The second point - the detailed calculation of the costs of international road transport, which includes the freight rates and costs of customs formalities. This step is completely transparent and is completed in the shortest possible time. As far as can be reliable international shipping? Control over the process - an important component of its reliability and your confidence - it will provide a full and freight forwarding, and software that allows you to control the whole process of delivery. Question Four: How can I optimize international shipping from China? The most simple steps in this process - selection of a warehouse and transportation company. If it comes to cargo, it is important to remember that the process of being transported from China always includes the preparation phase of the consolidation taking place in the warehouse. It is very important the location of the warehouse, the ability to pass on to the producer the cost of delivery to the warehouse. Another important point - it's not only the location of the warehouse, but the level of its reliability: availability of and working on a permanent basis, the mandatory documentary turnover of cargo handling equipment. How to find a warehouse? You can ask for a recommendation to us. An important stage in the delivery of any international cargo - is "zatamozhka" processing of customs documents. Often at this stage the situation is greatly complicated: it is necessary to remember the many nuances of customs codes of several states, according to which customs registration and customs clearance process itself may significantly differ. The most important stage of customs clearance - clearing of cargo. It succeeds only if properly designed large amount of documentation, each page which can be a headache for the customer, and just a competent professional action that accompanies the shipment. It should be noted one more thing: the longer the company provides international road transport of goods, the greater the turnover of cargo it carried, the less it will cost for customs clearance. To date, any business directly or indirectly related to the purchase or sale of Chinese goods. This, in turn, leads to container shipping from China. Must take into account a range of factors directly affecting the cargo, or rather their reliability and efficiency. With the proper and correct rendering freight from China will be carried out very accurately. Originally worth pointing out that we have in Russia the Chinese products are in demand in our market, therefore, do transportation from China to Russia - it is in itself a profitable business and the business involved in many companies.
To make cargo transportation from China, should be well thought out route and, of course, choose the type of transportation. You can choose a shipping or transportation by motor transport - road, it all depends on your preference. The choice of mode of transport affects another and the volume of transported goods, as well as your financial situation. If you want to freight was successful and without any problems, it is desirable to use the services of specialized transportation companies. At these companies fall to the lion's share of work, but you just have to take advantage of excellent service, and most importantly the quality of shipping from China. If you do decide to transport goods from China alone, you should thoroughly review the route of movement on the territory of China and Russia. For successful transport must clearly know all the subtleties and nuances of this tedious business. Among other things, you will need to prepare all documents required for crossing the border. And the checkpoints are always very thoroughly check all documents for the importation or exportation of any commodity. So, we can not allow even the slightest misstep. So before you decide, we recommend a good think about how many small things to be done, how much it will take time, money and nerve cells, in addition, there is no guarantee that the entire process will be clean and smooth. Maybe more so nothing to worry about, it is better to ask All the problems in registration documents, respectively, perepadut our share as well as the development of an optimal route by road or by sea shipping. It should be noted that all of the shipping companies take a different fee for their services. But the low cost is not worth chasing - it's better to pay more, but be sure that the road transport will be successful and qualitatively. Our staff will provide advice to you on the best mode of transport: road transport or transport by sea, if you do not know a better way. This way you can avoid unnecessary overpayments money. Almost all of the shipping company today delivers both by sea and by rail or by air or road. Such freight from China are carried out on «door to door». It is very convenient and practical scheme, so ask the companies whose services you are going to use it, if it works under this scheme. Depends on the route by road safety and security of cargo, as well as delivery times, and this route depends on the shipping logistics company. In conclusion, this article would like to say that the transport of goods from China - is quite heavy and cumbersome, and therefore approach this case is professionally. Not a professional same approach can only deliver a lot of new trouble. That is why we should not skimp on quality transportation efficiency and reliability of delivery of goods from China. Use professional services