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Map of traffic. Geography.

At the present time of shipping, in particular the quality and timeliness, business development depends. The most popular type of transportation of goods by road are in Russia, which are increasing in popularity with each passing year. In the road transport business are in great demand and delivery of goods from Europe. But, apart from roads, there are other ways to move cargo. In the classification of traffic on transport include: trucking, transportation by sea, rail and air. In our country the most cost-effective steel automobile transportation in Russia, which, among other vehicles have distinct advantages, but they will return later.


 The main advantage of road transport is its mobility and the ability to deliver the goods, practically in any place where there is any sort of pavement, and road transportation in Russia, at times, are conducted and the full road. You can not say when we have the international transport of Europe and Russia, motorways, service - all out. But whatever the vehicles are the vehicle number-one else and because they now can carry cargo of any size and weight of any point of the country, if only they were marked on the map. In addition, the geography of our country provides international transport of goods the most convenient ways with many neighboring countries. Cars are a very convenient way to transport cargo, spare parts warehouses in Europe. With this approach, the carriage of goods by road costs for the customer are much cheaper because you pay only the place occupied by its cargo. It is guaranteed to transport wheeled road to Russia and from Europe, the maximum flexibility and independence from any charts and schedules. For example, the maritime and railway transport are the specific dates of departure and arrival times, that can not dock with the customer's wishes. If you can travel by road after the completion of loading. With this type of transport of cargo owners get flexibility in planning Map of trafficroutes and delivery times. If necessary, the car during road transportation in Russia and Europe may deviate from the specified path and pick up cargo from other incidental points. This example proves once more economical. Inability to do without cars and transportation occurs in other ways, as no train or plane or ship is unable to deliver the cargo to the door customer. When you move a short distance trucking do not have competitors. In addition, they are very useful in small volumes of goods, and their mobility and maneuverability allow confidently carry out their mission in even the most demanding driving conditions. Fleets are equipped with modern transport companies so that the carriage of goods by road is possible for all types of cargo, regardless of weight, size, special storage conditions during transportation and hazard classes.
Trucking, also provide the advanced quality of delivery. Logistics transportation companies calculate the loads trucking options, resulting in the customer receives the most appropriate and economical route. For security reasons, the goods may be accompanied by a forwarding agent or specialized security. For long-distance trucking international connections are a long process, during which control of the transportation system can be implemented by GPS, which set many of the major transport companies. This is a great opportunity for the owner of the cargo traceability and ensure the reliability of the process of road. Currently, the road of Europe, in practice, left far behind other forms of transport on efficiency. For example, the plane because of bad weather can not fly, but in case of delivery by rail about the best route out of the question. Meanwhile, the car will be to swallow for miles on the fast track, designed logists. When ordering international trucking Europe, Russia, the owner of the cargo is always looking for an economical and safe option, both available from road transport. Preservation of valuable goods is ensured protection or insurance, reducing the risks to zero. Transport companies engaged in international transport of goods completely relieve the owner from the hassle of customs obstacles, and this is a very big plus in favor of the road. All these benefits of road transport in the country and neighbor countries to demonstrate that transportation of goods by road is the best option for fast, reliable and convenient delivery of the goods directly to the customer's door.

Rail transport

As regards rail transport, it is useful for moving loads over long distances with very great tonnage and volume. These include the production of heavy industry and mining industries such as steel, coal, grain, oil, etc. But w / e there is a lack of transportation, as a territorial limitation that trucking is not exposed. For the road does not require certain stations, where customers pick up their cargo already own. Also, the time lost and loading of wagons, the order of dispatch and the time for business - it's money.

Air transport

Air transportation in the most acceptable when the carriage of goods by road, sea or rail routes are difficult or excluded for various reasons, most often transport goods from the U.S. to Europe, Australia or Russia. Also, air transportation is used for moving as quickly as possible and for long distances, when the high cost of this type of transport is covered with fast delivery. Most often, this way of carrying high-tech expensive products.

Maritime transport

Sea routes for movement of goods requires a lot of labor and energy costs. For example, the transport of goods from China are no less popular than the sea. And it is quite logical, since shipping is the most complex, as a legal party, and technical capabilities, and features. Some countries, instead of trucking, international shipping is carried by sea, although long term move, since this option for them is the best. Even our Western neighbors, sometimes prefer the sea, although the international road constantly gaining momentum.

Geography on the mode of transport

It is known that road in Russia capable of covering all regions and cities. To do this, the customer need only call the destination, choose the best route and fare. Domestically, the carriage of goods by road is simply indispensable, since the trucks can deliver anything, anywhere. A geographical position of our country allows for road transport in Russia, European countries, the Caucasus, Ukrainian and Asian destinations. In general, for trucking of Europe, Kaliningrad and the Baltic states to Russia, Kazakhstan, Asia, Ukraine, Belarus and the Caucasus used transit. Today, international road transport include Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Czech Republic, Poland and other European countries. Just as in Russia, international transport of goods is very large scale began to take, thanks to convenience and economy. Most often used for such transportation vans and reefers, and the main condition is to deliver the goods, only the presence of roads to the destination, to transportation of goods has been implemented. The main areas of transportation of goods by sea are China, USA, Japan, Korea, India, Vietnam, Thailand, Africa, Australia and many other countries. Basically, these are the places where the carriage of goods by road can not be realized. The disadvantages of this type of transport are the risks of loss, delays in the administration and reset the ports and the inability to adjust the route of your choice. This form, rather, is more suitable for long-term large-scale transportation of goods.
Railroads are everywhere and using them can be carried cargo in almost any region. But they do not have the mobility and speed, as the carriage of goods by road, by which many companies are benefiting financially. Besides, now many tracks leading to the fields are no longer used because of depleted resources, and the new roads are not laid. Disadvantages such carriage of goods by road is not suffering from a lack of situations and ways can not be. This is facilitated by large-scale road repairs and new trails being built in recent years across the country. Air transportation, as a form of transportation, suitable only for long-distance transportation in the short term, that always comes out very expensive. If the client wants to make the international transport of Europe and Russia, it would be advantageous to contact the trucking company, since the cost of air travel recovered only in exceptional cases when time is more valuable than money. In Russia, the main directions of air traffic are remote regions such as Kamchatka, Khabarovsk, the Far North. But here on the road between Russia and successfully deliver the goods. Undoubtedly, each of the modes of transport can reach distant points of the country or other continent, whether trucking or air transport. But at the same time, each has its own direction, features, advantages and disadvantages. However, in the same continent, in this case - Europe and Russia, the best option would be international transport of goods, which will provide quality and timely delivery of goods, where the customer has ordered. The same view is shared by the owners of goods, they are also customers of transport companies, road transport ordering for Russia or Europe.