OUR Partners

The world of business - is cruel and inconsistent. That is why it is so important to enlist the support of its trusted partners, with whom to work easily, reliably and nicely in any, even the most difficult times for the economy. Trucking in Russia, this is an area of ​​activity that sustains the fragile balance of a market economy, especially in need of a partnership built on the principles of maximum fairness and trust.
Through road for many Russian companies, we realized that the road transport in Russia - not just unnecessary, but immeasurably important to the domestic business. No business, whether it's Nizhny Novgorod plant them. MV Frunze or Limited Liability Company "Optima Products," can not pass in its trucking activities. Knowing how important strategic value for our partners is the carriage of goods by road, we try to make every effort to ensure that all transport of goods was organized at the highest level, and sent by our company's products reach a constant form of shopping for a fixed period of time. Trucking International as part of our services. We not only carry road of Europe but also in the EU have their regular partners - for example, in the face of the Latvian Freemann Group SIA. Maintaining friendly partnership allows us to perform international road transport Europe - Russia at least a high level, what and domestic. We know that for all our partners in the international transport of goods represent the niche in which to build a Russian business, to raise the science and culture of the country. Every major company sooner or later faces the question of how much he needed the carriage of goods by road. Our partners include companies that answered "Yes", and not someone else, namely us - ipovs-logistics.ru.
Trucking in Russia allow us to assist our partners in business organization and to solve any problems with the transportation of certain goods. We are happy to work with the same companies for a long time work. It speaks to the fact that our road relevant and in demand, and that the quality of our services are satisfied with everything, for whom road transport in Russia - not an empty phrase but a vital necessity. We, in turn, are pleased that our trucking every day are becoming more common in the market carriers, and this is largely the merit of our partners. If not for them, carriage of goods by road from ipovs-logistics.ru would be impossible. We work only under the condition that we, who have to work!
Through transport of goods, we provide all the needs of all the requirements coming from our partners. Trucking international necessarily accompanied by corresponding package of documents, insurance, cover and custom character. Planning road from Europe, we offer our partners to give all the burdens of red tape in our hands.
How long running trucking companies, ipovs-logistics.ru knows that the international transport of Europe - Russia needs an appropriate design is not only technical but also legal. That's why we carry out the international transport of goods, so that our partners to be just the most pleasant part of work: as of interest to monitor how the transportation of goods by road passes along the roads of Europe and Russia in the direction of their stores.