Trucking and their application

        One of the very important services in the infrastructure of each state are shipping. For it is through such services as freight, it is possible to conclude the set of transactions at every level, both in country and international. Greater number of those engaged in the business, can not use transportation, because of regular and quality services to the transport of goods to the success of their companies.

        At the moment there are several transportation services, subdivided according to the type of vehicle used in the implementation of the transport of goods:

- Freight transport by rail;

- Air freight;

- Sea freight;

- Road transport.

           That road freight and will be the focus of our paper, since their use is the largest number of freight services, both in this country and around the world. That freight by cars have obvious advantages, because of what they are so popular. Let's take advantage of these very slightly closer look.

           Undoubtedly, the biggest plus freight car is that using them can be easily and additional loading and unloading processes necessary to deliver the goods directly to the client at hand. This here is the direct transport also called "door to door", whose implementation is possible, most often, with only road transport of goods. This is not only convenient but also saves a significant amount of money, but also increases safety equipment intended for transportation.

           Also, if used to transport cargo trucking it, you will be very convenient to choose the most advantageous from every point of view of the route. You can also, if necessary, change the route, which is useful when any kind of problem in a particular section of road. After all, the car can drive around a section of road, move to another track and so on. This is precisely the mobility of freight and trucking them is a big plus.

           With the use of road freight transport, you can order the delivery of even a small amount of cargo, which, of course, very important. The fact is that if you need to transport small cargo volume, it uses a small car. As a rule, using rail freight or sea to carry a small load, you must wait until get more than the volume of goods from other clients of the transport companies that do not allow for the urgent delivery of your shipment. If the use of road transport, then hit the road at any time.

           Capable of carrying almost any special cargo - is also very important. For example, if the product is perishable and requires a thermal environment, you can use a special refrigerator. If necessary to transport cargo dangerous, for this there are special road transport, allowing it to carry out.

           Another advantage of characterizing the trucking, is easy to control the whole process of transportation. The client can find the company that produces transportation of cargo on which step of the way the goods are located at and do not have are any problems with its delivery.

           Trucking - this is the most used and extremely popular service freight. If you need to order transportation of cargo, regardless of destination or volume of cargo, you should seek the assistance of a specialized firm and respectable, which arranges freight transportation for a long time. There you will be able to give assurance that the necessary cargo will be transported to the place safely and on time.

 The financial crisis in the sector of road transport

The global financial crisis of 2009 affected all spheres of activity. Not escaped its influence, and enterprises engaged in trucking. Due to constant demand and a wide range of additional services provided by these transport companies have been able to recover quickly after a strong financial impact. And, despite the relatively young age of the industry freight predict the success of this kind of dynamic development of services in Russia. Even in the crisis year 2008 road transport trend of small stature. To maintain the efficiency and profitability of some trucking companies have been forced to partially modify the list of services, but it helped a lot easier to survive temporary difficulties.

Efficiency of road transport is observed in the carriage of goods by up to three thousand miles. More than half of the cargo flow in the country falls on road transport, and each year its share is increasing. Even in a time of crisis, the annual turnover of freight traffic increased by 6%, despite the fact that before the crisis tendencies of development assumed an annual increase of 25%. With the general reduction in freight traffic in Russia in 2009 on average 20% increase in road transport is, however small, speaks in favor of this type of service. Over 70% of freight transport in Russia is by road, because the length of roads is much greater than the length of railway lines, which enables all the time to increase the number of delivery routes and to expand the list of serviced areas.

         The speed of the carriage road is second only to aviation. Average speed of delivery of the automobile - 16 km / h. With her determination takes into account all components of the factors: clearance, handling, delivery, storage, before and after delivery, etc. In similar conditions of rail transport as a result we obtain two times slower than the road, and sea - four times. At the same time according to the Ministry of Transport of Russia, about 3 million units of motor vehicles shall transport of goods in all sectors of the economy, and that does not include motor vehicles in individual ownership.

        How to interpret the term "crisis" - with a plus or a minus, especially for motor carriers, depends probably on the road climbed a step up or down, if not quite gone the distance.

Let's start with the sad

        Companies that were originally intended for a quick profit, but did not have any prerequisites to their road in Russia tended to develop, market simply squeezed out. They initially it was not possible in such force-majeure circumstances, regularly put out loans because the price of road transport have fallen, and, significantly, the cost of fuel, on the contrary crept up, the number of orders has declined sharply. Those who hoped it would be possible to slip through the needle's eye, hoping to "maybe" had to look for, where to apply their strength in other areas, because the road - a very costly business. Therefore, to get - you need to invest a lot and not only money but also labor, knowledge, characteristics of industry-established connections, etc., etc.. Minus or plus is that the weaker players, and would be correct to say, not prepared to conduct road in Russia could not cope with such a serious test? Definitely a plus! The market breathed a sigh of relief, mind you, not with malice, but it is with relief. In fact, small companies and the good times could not have major carriers to repulse the bread, not the scale, but they created such precedents, after which the road mentioned in a not very pleasant context.

Positive results

       The crisis, which for two years tested for strength, not only companies, but the ability of leaders to carry out road transport, showed that strengthened those transportation companies that have managed to create and modernize its fleet. For the most part, they had no credit and lease obligations, and his staff were able to maintain even in times of inactivity, arguing that a black band pass, and road transportation in Russia will always need.

And I must say that in this business very much depends on personal relationships carriers and customers, the degree of confidence. This is when and one another and believe in decency and responsibility to each other, knowing that the road will present not no surprise.

       In those already distant days when traders made deals, but the amount could reach large numbers, they were enough to give "an honest merchant word" and the agreement shall be effective. Such relationships are the best guarantee that the relationship will be long and productive among modern business, for which road transport in Russia promising and beloved work.

We summarize

       We can say that those companies that continue, despite all the shocks in the market under the name "road transportation" is not only tempered but new pribreli qualities they come in handy more than once. After all, Russia - not the most peaceful place on earth, and a crisis of blends in with the other.

Trucking - supply and demand

      On the freight at a domestic level experienced almost every one of us. After moving into a new house, apartment or office requires a service order freight. In our time the most attractive services of this type - this is the road transport of goods, irrespective then how far to carry the goods.

That road - is the delivery of any luggage without the so-called incremental loading and unloading, which greatly multiplies the speed of the process of transportation. In addition, by eliminating the need to perform additional handling and considerably reduced the risk of damage to the customer's property. On top of that due to this decrease and the total cost of transportation, which, of course, attracts customers.

     In contrast, for example, rail freight, trucking are highly mobile transport option because they do not depend on x. on paths. Therefore, the use of freight cars, you can make detours impassable or even any way of problem areas. You can also plan routes that will be most beneficial.

Transport of goods distinguished by the following criteria:

     Territorial basis - technological, suburban, urban road in Russia, as well as international transport of goods.

  1.    Tech trucking - transportation performed within a single enterprise, as well as across the various construction sites.
  2.    City trucking - are performed at a distance within the same city.
  3.    Suburban - this road, running a short distance outside the city.
  4.    Long-distance - is, of course, such trucking, which operated between the cities of one country.
  5.    International freight transport (by road from Europe) - are those that are used to carry goods from abroad.

     Typically, a variety of services, the companies involved in trucking may also provide: processing of customs declarations and other documentation, warehousing, design of safety documents for the cargo, maintenance, and complete freight forwarding, protection of property transported, and more.

In professionals work in terms of transport logistics that can calculate how to achieve the most advantageous for all shipping.

      Logistics in general - is part of the economics of sustainable management of the movement of different material flows. In turn, transport logistics - is the core of logistics is responsible for the physical movement of material values.

      Transport logistics is different from the process of transporting the fact that the goods - this is a concrete result of logistics or a whole group of logisticians. That's logistics specialists working in, develop efficient route, based on both the rate of transport of cargo and its value. In addition, the logistics and account for safety risks by choosing a route for the road transport a particular type of cargo, and so on.

      Handling of goods - this is a very important part of the infrastructure of each country in the world. After the services the transport of goods are as individuals who need to move some heavy purchases to their home, as well as various companies, the success of the business which is directly dependent on the timely and safe transportation of cargo, such as finished products or as raw material. Most of all transactions carried out at any level, including international, can not possibly do without in order to use the services of transportation companies, which at the moment, there is even a lot.

Another ancient times people were engaged in cargo transportation, helping others to move any cargo from one place to another. With the invention of the wheel, and after, and all kinds of vehicles, which were drawn by animals, shipping has become quite common and serious business. Today, there are several types of cargo, which are mostly used for freight, each of which possesses both advantages and disadvantages.

1. Trucking - they can be safely described as the most popular form of transportation. Goods transport by road used by most companies and especially individuals.

The advantages of trucking

2. Sea freight is also an important air cargo. Transportation of goods by sea transport mode of choice for many international companies that trade overseas transactions.

The advantages of shipping

3. Rail freight is the most important way to transport large in volume and heavy cargo.

The advantages of rail freight

4. Air cargo - generally used, if necessary, quick and timely delivery of goods is not too large.

The advantages of air cargo

  As you can see for yourself, each of the currently existing forms of transportation has its own, as well as benefits and disadvantages. I will say that if you need to transport any cargo, we suggest you contact only serious and respectable company-carrier. It is only by experienced professionals of the transport company will pick up to transport your cargo the best mode of transport and route, based on the minimization of price and speed of delivery. A professional and reputable company will give all the guarantees safety of your property, as well as timeliness of delivery.