Trucking in Europe

Trucking in Europe - the most popular form of transportation on international routes. The main advantage of this mode of transportation - it's low price combined with the speed of delivery. We independently feasible fence the goods, customs clearance and deliver to anywhere in Russia or the world according to our map services. Also, we will assist in the completion of certificates and other necessary documents related to the road.

International trucking. Trucking in Europe. What does the future prepare them?

Russia has one of the "hard" customs systems in the world. First, a large country, long border, a lot of posts, but they are not able to optimize the international road transport, including road and out of Europe. Secondly, workflow, and design of imported goods, so perfect, and not in place that eats a monstrous amount of time. Third, pervasive corruption, with some trucks are on the border with Russia for days, while others are on the "green corridor" without delay. This situation with the firms that organize road from Europe to Russia has been dragging on for a long time and seems to be seriously attracted the attention of the president. April 25, 2011 Dmitry Medvedev has signed the "Changes to the Law on State Border." This paper aims to fight traffic jams on the state border. Companies engaged in international road transport, this document is expected for quite some time, hoping to solve the problem of traffic jams. What happened at the exit? In accordance with the concept of transfer of customs clearance of cargoes from Moscow and St. Petersburg, directly on the Russian border, was planned and carried out the reduction of customs checkpoints in several Russian cities. Instead of these, somehow working posts, and international trucking without them just stop, it is planned to erect new customs terminals around the perimeter of Russia's borders. If you take a direct part of the border with Finland, Estonia and Latvia, we are talking about the construction of 13 such terminals. But, like everything else in Russia, the intention divorced from reality very much. Customs stations that served low road and out of Europe in Moscow and St. Petersburg have been closed (for example, in St. Petersburg, Vyborg and it Piskarevskiy positions), and new terminals are ready to assume the paperwork on international road transport, something not yet seen. Although we have already defined their place of future construction: Wärtsilä, Mamonovo Svetogorsk, Chernyshevskoye, Ivangorod Shumilkino, Kunichina Gora Ubylinka, Svetlogorsk, Burachki, Torfyanovka, Bagrationovsk and cranberry, and there is even some 30 companies have indicated their willingness to participate in this project, as the terminal was not, not, but by road from Europe to something going on! A queue is. For example, the design capacity of the border crossing "Torfyanovka" is 730 trucks per day. Now, in fact, carrying out international transport, is only 350 trucks. Customs officers handed the border services impede the flow of vehicles engaged on road from Europe to the external border of Russia in order to save the town from the stranglehold of the Fur. As if by agreement, a number of owners of various companies engaged in international road transport, in one voice say that the concept of the removal of customs posts on the border of Russia is wrong and can not be implemented - very few companies want to invest money (which is about 50 million dollars on a terminal) according to their payback period of 8 years old when built two years ago, modern customs offices are closing one after another. And the impact of a 2-3-year investment should not wait. As will be delivered by road from Europe to Russia - a clear answer to the leadership of Customs on this issue today is not ...

Trucking in Europe

Currently, international road transport have an important strategic significance not only in the global economy, but also in the market of a single country. For Russia, the road in Europe are extremely important because of closer economic cooperation with many countries in the EU. Modern international trucking Europe to shape not only the relevance of many European products on the Russian market, but also a close geographic proximity to allow inland transportation of cargo.

Types of road transport in Europe

European international transport of goods are executed as fully loaded cars, and teams. Due to this separation of services, goods transport by road, is not only convenient but also a beneficial way to transport goods. In the case of international road transport needs in terms of scale, it makes sense to load the car completely. If the road in Europe are limited to a small volume of the goods, it is best to let him in the same, consolidated cargo. The first option is more economical over time, as it does not make wait for a "fellow traveler" who just need a similar international trucking, Europe - Russia, in the second case, there is the possibility to save the financial costs of going to pay is not the whole machine, and exactly that part which is good.

Trucking in Europe: delivery scheme

To date, international transport of goods are clearly well thought logistics scheme delivery, what is called "door to door." Any movement of goods by road implies acceptance of the goods in a warehouse in Europe, its transport to the European territory, customs clearance in Moscow and then send it to any of the Russian cities - for example, Ekaterinburg.
In such a scheme work in the international transport not only justifying their name, going through at the EU and Russia, but also become very profitable for the client. Actually, it is understandable even to non-professional: the customer is not required to seek several shipping companies, initially delivering cargo from Europe to Moscow, then his customs clearance, and only after that, sending him from Moscow to Yekaterinburg, for example.
Company uses in his work, this particular algorithm delivery, making road from Europe comfortable and profitable. Why work with three companies when you can entrust all of one?

The specificity of the European road transport

     Current international trucking, Europe - Russia - is not only one of the most profitable, but also one of the most difficult areas of delivery, characterized by certain specific works. First of all, the international transport of goods from Europe will require significant attention to the organization of the passage of goods over the whole mass of Europe, and later on Russian roads. On the European stage carriage of goods by road as required in the correction of the route (if it is a consolidated cargo) and the competent customs clearance of goods. All international road transport can not do without a special permit to import goods to the territory of the Russian Federation, it is natural that it usually affects the road and out of Europe. Existing international trucking Europe allows for a smooth, even and comfortable roads. As soon as the international transport of goods get to Russian "highways," immediately raises the question of a new logistics scheme passing cars and dangerous sections of the curves turns. Moreover, international cargo transportation by road to necessarily entails the use of a consolidated warehouse and the development of insurance liabilities, allowing all participants to secure road from unpleasant surprises.