Trucking in Russia - one of the priorities of our company. IPOVS LOGISTICS offers solutions to transport problems associated with the implementation of delivery of any complexity level of the Russian Federation: transport capacity from 500 to 40 000 kg under the scheme: "the door - the door." Depending on the type of carriage of goods by the delivery time, from the need for different forms of transport (including specialized equipment), the individual characteristics of order fulfillment, we offer complete solutions for their clients. IPOVS LOGISTICS offers a range of additional services on the development of technical specifications, tender documentation, insurance, protection of goods.

Trucking in human life - or how we could live without them

Modern man is utterly civilized, it will not attach much importance to the role played in his life, road transport, they would, by itself, the phenomenon of constant and unchanging.
All of a sudden, he comes into the store and said to him: "Sorry, today in our department no buns." Why? That's easy: by road stopped because it was now all the cars remained in their garage and decided to give us a little shake-up and recall as many familiar things depends on the unknown, but the important road transport. International road transport, road from Europe to Russia by road - it's one big happy family, and titled "Trucking." In fact, road transport - a center focused modern public infrastructure. Transportation of other modes of transport (air, sea, rail) - are important, but not infinite. They have no possibility dovezti right product to the entrance, they are too unwieldy and demanding, not something that road: Give one port with an anchor, the other runway, the third - the rails. Large and small nimble cars in its movements are limited only by roads, which in our huge Mother Russia - innumerable. And so: every day, the gray dusty canvas of Russian "Autobahn" rush to the ends of cars, loaded with a variety of things. More precisely in a hurry, because today they - are. No movement on the borders of the Russian Federation in the international transport (including road transport in Europe) have sunk into oblivion forever. Road dust covered all pre-existing road. It is useless to call a hero Bruce Willis. Even he can not afford to stop such a "collapse." Trucking rose, and with them stood up and the whole country. Shops no longer receive food, which led to an unprecedented rise in prices and social chaos. Once the shelves were swept past mangled and torn cans of canned pack of toilet paper, the country was plunged into the Middle Ages. Ceased to exist road in Russia plunged the people into a trance, slowly passed into the failure of the monetary system and the transition to a friend to our ancestors commodity exchange. True, changing the soap awl citizens did not have long. International freight also risen, so has been blocked and oxygen flow of foreign revenue - products and their accessories. Factories were forced to close their shops, people were left without work and without the country of production. Just about no one is spared, because the money earned was still not what to spend, and the product - does not wish to grow up and like a magic carpet to swim in the hands of the consumer from Moscow to Kamchatka. What was once brought road transport, is now sunk into oblivion. People were left alone with his thoughts and the houses that are now in need of full protection, as excellent sources of essential goods, as a reminder that the road was so wonderful, that life was a paradise. When the population has learned to grow at its suburban areas wheat, clothes came into disrepair, and equipment out of service, road from Europe to become the most pleasurable I make mention of his former life. Here is a surrealist painting may occur not only in the most terrible dream, but in reality, if road stop, at least for one day!

Trucking: types of vehicles. Rely on their selection for your cargo company ""

In Russia, road transport have become very popular irreplaceable way of cargo transportation. Cars for fast delivery with the highest reliability. To date, each firm conducts road to Russia and appreciated by the market, has a fleet of all types of trucks. For each type of cargo using its own type of transport. Tilt is most popular semi-universal kind of road. With a majority of cargo transported. Removal of canopy from the trailer makes it possible to boot from the side and top, which is very convenient for transport by special designs. Ordering Tent for forwarding to Russia, often represent the 20-ton "eighteen-wheelers," a volume of 82 cubic meters, accommodating 32 pallets. The design of semi-waterproof tent and provide a safe road transport. Steel frame, side and hinged doors exclude the possibility of loss of cargo trucks and ensure durability. Refrigerators (Ref) is a semi-refrigerator, designed to carry goods requiring low storage temperature during transportation. Among such goods include meat, frozen foods, some medications, etc. Refrigerators are divided into 3 classes depending on the supported temperature range which varies from +20 to -20 degrees. For each product selected forwarding your class. Refrigerators "Eurostandard" have the same size and volume as in the tent. Isothermal box is divided into single, semi and automatic coupling. Isothermal van used to transport products requiring maintenance of the initial temperature of the cargo. In general, road transport in the isotherm to be ordered for shorter distances, as during long distance transport the desired temperature, in such a van lost. The desired effect is achieved only by insulating materials the body. In these vans are made by road fish, meat, fruits, vegetables, dairy products, etc. Recently, for forwarding to Russia, began to be used effectively low loader. Flat bed trailer is a platform for transporting bulky, heavy and bulky cargoes. These goods typically include architecture, containers, boats and heavy machinery. The advantage of low loader is lower platform, which allows for transport by road under power lines, bridges and other low buildings. These trailers can carry loads weighing more than 200 tons. For each weight category of goods chosen separate low loader. If you decide to order the road to Russia and do not know what type of trailer to choose, our specialists will help you choose IPOVS Logistic appropriate option, based on the type of your shipment. Proper selection of road funds will provide reliable and quality delivery of cargo to its destination.

Features of trucking in Russia

With an enviable constancy, and at regular intervals occurs in people need to move some extremely heavy, extremely large or prohibitive overall load on the "respectable" distance. Of course, more often than others, it comes with a variety of entities or businesses engaged in the supply of various goods and materials. However, those people who usually are far from all sorts of transportation from time to time have a similar need and let them move to the load, maybe just the next street, but in such cases without the help of a professional road carrier, transport company that is hard to do . Cars are the most common, although certainly not the only vehicles on the planet. The transportation of goods, as people can be and the sea, and rail. Although the machine and are for the most convenient way, they do not need no water, no rails. Would be expensive and delivered the goods! However, rail is sometimes more convenient for transportation. In Russia, the road is particularly interesting and very different from all others at least to its unusual length. As you know, our government is the largest in the world, and therefore has a huge map of traffic, so at this point rail and sea transport are popular. Flight is committed from one end of the country to another under different conditions could be considered a true journey. But that's not all, because the size of the country, besides the incredible distances are preparing more surprises and climate and to deliver the goods, for example, from Murmansk to Sochi, must cross four different zones. Is not it amazing! Just a few days and the goods loaded by howling blizzard is surrounded by palm trees and basking under the sun lacquer. In addition, trucking, transportation by motor vehicles in this country are striking by the fact that these same roads, only required for delivery, in our country do not just throw the fearless drivers from one side of the country to another, but most of them leave much to be desired, so often the carriage of heavy use rail and sea transport. But the road is not the main road when you order, you must pay attention to the professionalism of the company. Our professional staff, not only organize the process of road transport in Russia, but also to transport cargo with maximum security. Each concrete road in Russia has many factors and legal documents, so we each client to find an individual approach, we are working for us, every customer is important. But the main highlight of our road transport in Russia is in humans. They are subjected to abandon his body climate overload, travel thousands of miles and do so only in order to bring us everything we need from the opposite end of the vast of our country. Transport - one of the conditions of production and the company. Transportation, provides trucking companies, both within and between enterprises. By the way, transport affects the scope and pace of the production company. The transport system of the circulation of goods and services move goods from producers to consumers. Trucking serve primarily the first and third stages of production, ie of the circulation of goods and services. At the moment, finished goods move mostly by public transport, namely rail, sea, river, road and specialized - pipelines and gas pipelines (oil). For freight railway stations, which account for the goods shipped tons set a limit, either in individual or specialized packaging in general. Capacity (tonnage) of rail freight - the average number of tons of cargo, which accounts for the entire consignment is divided by the number of vehicles that transports the product. This indicator is defined as dividing the total number of goods in transport. When calculating the capacity of the consignment, taking into account technology, which transports the consignment is divided by the amount of transported goods.