Rail transportation, railway transportation

One of the most common types of cargo are postal and baggage transport. The advantages of postal and baggage transportation in small batches tangible goods, usually in the 300-500 kg, given the low costs of shipping and quick delivery, thanks to the passenger speed. Postal-baggage transportation - this is the carriage of goods in postal and baggage cars. Postal-baggage car - a freight car, clinging to a passenger train. The cargo moves along the route and in the passenger train. Delivery of cargo carried on passenger station while parked train. In this case, the cargo moves by rail with a maximum of (passenger) speed. Call us, our managers will be glad to advise you on postal and baggage transportation, quickly calculate the price, and will answer all your questions.
As well we are doing and container traffic by rail. Rail transport carried out by means of removable appliances transport - containers. Containers can be shipped any goods accepted for w / e transport of the relevant rules. Rail transportation can significantly reduce transport costs and time of delivery.
At the request of customers IPOVS LOGISTICS can provide:

  • G / d of transportation of export and import of goods, transportation to Russia in wagons, and five-ton-ton Universal containers, 24 tons in the park MEA leased sea containers;
  • Delivery vehicles or empty containers to the place of loading;
  • Forwarding of cargo to the station of departure;
  • Filling of containers;
  • Tracking the progress of the cargo and the deployment of cars on the whole route in real time;
  • W / d, followed by road transportation in Russia to the door.

Our staff are experienced in freight by rail and are ready to carry the railway transportation of your cargo by rail to anywhere in the country. We deliver a variety of goods transported by special rolling stock equipment, machinery, containers, oversize and bulk cargo, hazardous substances. In the field of freight transport wagon kind enough demand in Russia is container rail freight, which use universal containers. Routes a lot. Among the quite popular and rather long can be called rail routes Petersburg and Khabarovsk Petersburg, Irkutsk, Vladivostok and St. Petersburg St. Petersburg Surgut, Blagoveshchensk St. Petersburg, etc. Container rail transport is often used a variety of universal standard containers. For transportation of universal and other containers used railway platforms of a special form. Convenient transportation Petersburg, Khabarovsk, Irkutsk Petersburg, St. Petersburg, Vladivostok, St. Petersburg and St. Petersburg Surgut Blagoveshchensk became from that moment as an opportunity to use a sufficient number of specials. platforms that are equipped with fittings for containers. All container and other forms of transportation in Russia should not contradict the general provisions, which approved the MPS. These provisions clearly limited and should be placed as cargo in containers. The carriage type container rail transport packets impose. Some containers allow for placement of goods on a two-tier scheme. This is particularly containers 1A, 1C, 1D. They in container rail transport in the scheme of two-tier allocation of goods shall not exceed a height of 1.06 m. The load if the rail transport routes and St Petersburg St. Petersburg Khabarovsk, Irkutsk, Vladivostok and St. Petersburg St. Petersburg Surgut, Blagoveshchensk St. Petersburg, and others carried heavy container type 1AA, and 1SS, the two-tiered scheme of loading a container is permitted to a height of 1.14 m. Container rail to a great extent and cargo using three five-ton containers. The only requirement for cargo containers in such a requirement does not exceed the load on the floor on the value of 0.5 kg per square kilometer. To see to reduce the pressure on the floor and reduce the specific load to be applied lining. And you can not break the symmetry in the distribution of goods inside the container.